Independent filmmaking MILESTONE SLIPSTREAM Independent ethos


       Director Eddie Saint-Jean                                            *** A FRAME BY FRAME COMMITMENT TO INDIE CINEMA***                           milestoneslipstream@mail.com

MILESTONE SLIPSTREAM has a broad slate of productions but always focuses on projects with a sliver of surrealism. Regardless of whether they are feature-length  dramas or more experimental shorts, the Slipstream brand aims to make surrealism palatable to the masses. Even the most seemingly conventional looking projects will have a hint of the unconscious processes beyond the obvious. Andre Breton and David Lynch are all influences yet Slipstream movies have their own subtle stamp - sometimes you'll barely notice the surreal narrative. But look hard and you'll find it! The Slipstream brand also intends to respect the film-making tradition yet at the same time be at the forefront of cutting edge technology and developments in both film and social media.

Writer/director Eddie Saint-Jean


SHORT FILM - When The Earth Fell Down

An urban household experiences the aftermath of environmental destruction. (Genre: experimental/surreal) 





SHORT FILM - The Dice Men

A physics lecturer and his student conduct a Russian Roulette-style quantum thought experiment using dice. (Genre: Film noir, experimental.)