F.O.L.D. Surrealist Collective

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F.O.LD. are a global surrealist filmmakers collective who work together on experimental film projects using the methods of the 1920s surrealist pioneers. They follow the surrealist game-playing methods and fold drawings introduced by Surrealist leader and art writer-theorist Andre Breton. In these fold drawings each artist participates on an incomplete section of a drawing without seeing the completed parts (because they are folded away). This inspired F.O.L.D. to make short films in the same way. The F.O.L.D. collective was formed by Eddie Saint-Jean in July 2018 with members from the England, Ireland, US, Australia, Greece and South Africa.


The first collecive film is called F.O.L.D. 1 and is scheduled for completion on August 10th 2018, a century afer Guillaume Appollinaire first coined the term surrealism in 1917 and a few years later Andre Breton created the Surrealist movement.


EDDIE SAINT-JEAN is a filmmaker and arts writer who formed F.O.L.D in July 2018 by putting a call out on a Facebook Surrealist Group page. He was directed, shot and edited numerous experimental films and has moved into independent feature films.


His short films have been screened at numerous festivals with the most experiimental of these 'Letter to Rothko' winning a writer-director award which provided full funding for filming the short film. This award was part of a Best of Boroughs competition to find the best writer-directors in each London borough.

MILOSH HUGHES is a 17 year old Polish-American artist and aspiring filmmaker living in Ireland. He's been animating for nearly 6 years and a major interest in film spanning farther back. He's been in several theatre productions since he was 4 and has been directing many short films since about 14.


He specializes in stop motion animation and 2D cartoons as well as live action films on next to no budget. He was awarded a High Commend in the Cinemagic’s Young Filmmakers Competition in 2017 for his animated film Man And The Automan. He is currently working on a found footage style horror mocumentary set in the late 80s.


TAYLOR SCHOFIELD is an experimental-surrealist filmmaker from Sacramento, California, USA. He took an interest in filmmaking at a young age and has been honing his voice with the medium for the past 10 years by collaborating with others and producing his own films.


Often a self described "one man band" in the sense that he writes, directs, edits, foleys and creates the scores for his personal films.


CANDACE ODILI Auteur filmmaker and storyteller. She's a cinephile who'll watch any movie in any language. She started her journey in high school taking TV broadcast and production classes and finished formal education with Madison Media Institute. Now begining education through experience. She's currently in the process of starting her own production company and is the director of NeedGangMG web show Bar University. She also freelances as a videographer and editor. Her goal is to have her own studio and create the films of her heart's desire.


Favourite directors: David Lynch, Akira Kurosawa, Spike Lee and Christopher Nolan.