F.O.L.D. Surrealist Collective

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       Director Eddie Saint-Jean                                            *** A FRAME BY FRAME COMMITMENT TO MODERN DRAMA***                       milestoneslipstream@mail.com

F.O.LD. are a global  surrealist filmmakers collective who work together on experimental film projects using the methods of the 1920s surrealist pioneers. They follow the surrealist game-playing methods and fold drawings introduced by surrealist leader and arts writer Andre Breton. In these fold drawings each artist participates on an incomplete section of a drawing without seeing the completed parts (because they are folded away). This inspired F.O.L.D. to make short  films in the same way. The F.O.L.D. collective was formed by arts writer and filmmaker  Eddie Saint-Jean in July 2018 with members from the England, Ireland, US, Australia, Greece and South Africa.


 The first collecive film is called F.O.L.D. 1 and is scheduled for completion on August 10th 2018,  a century afer Guillaume Appollinaire first coined  the term surrealism in 1917 and a few years later Andre Breton created the surrealist movement.

     The F.O.L.D collective's latest project is a video installation called FOLD2: Naissance created by Eddie Saint-Jean and Taylor 

     Schofield. Eddie Saint-Jean created a 10 second experimental film and then sent a random  movie still from it to Taylor

     Schofield. Taylor then created his own 10 second film using just this movie still as a trigger for creative inspiration and then

     the two fims were merged as a continuous loop. The video installation will be screened through a black and white 1970s TV,

     thus marking the decade when surrealism was supposed to have died but finding its naissance in FOLD2: Naissance. It will be

     broadcast on the ArtSwarm experimental art TV show on Nov 9 and exhibited at The Chelsea Gallery,  Kings Rd, London       

     Nov 26 - Dec 2. The exhibition is organised by Tashi Khan


Details of the two artist-filmmakers invloved in the FOLD2: Naissance film installation are below.

Eddie Saint-Jean and Taylor Schofield

EDDIE SAINT-JEAN is a filmmaker and arts writer from London, UK who formed F.O.L.D in July 2018. He has directed, shot and edited numerous experimental films and has moved into independent feature films.

His short films have been screened at numerous festivals with the most experimental of these 'Letter to Rothko' winning a writer-director award which provided full funding. This award was part of a Best of Boroughs competition to find the best writer-directors in each London borough.

TAYLOR SCHOFIELD is a experimental surrealist filmmaker from Sacramento California and co-owner of the independent film production house "Kármán Line Studios" where he not only makes short films but reviews them as well. He is also one half of the experimental electronic music duo "Duplicate". Taylor uses film as a device to translate his emotions.