F.O.L.D. Surrealist Collective

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       Director Eddie Saint-Jean                                            *** A FRAME BY FRAME COMMITMENT TO INDIE CINEMA***                           milestoneslipstream@mail.com

F.O.LD. are a global  surrealist filmmakers collective who work together on experimental film projects using the methods of the 1920s surrealist pioneers. They follow the game-playing methods and fold drawings introduced by surrealist leader and arts writer Andre Breton. In these fold drawings each artist participates on an incomplete section of a drawing without seeing the completed parts (because they are folded away). This inspired F.O.L.D. to make short  films in the same way. The F.O.L.D. collective was formed by arts writer and filmmaker  Eddie Saint-Jean in July 2018 with members from the England, Ireland, US, Australia, Greece and South Africa.


The F.O.L.D collective's latest project is a film installation called FOLD4: Kintsukuroi created by artist-filmmakers Taylor  Schofield, Mark Sheekey, Candace Odil and Eddie Saint-Jean.  Each filmmaker completed a 10-second section of the film by working from random movie stills sent by each filmmaker in turn. The Kintsukuroi name comes from the Japanese art of repairing broken porcelain. The fragmented look of the porcelain is still regarded as beautiful, in spite of and because of the fact you can see the points where the separate pieces have been sealed together again. The F.O.L.D. films have a similar aesthetic


1st section of F.OL.D4: Kintuskuroi completed by Taylor Schofield

2nd section of F.O.L.D4: Kintsukuroi completed by Mark Sheeky

3rd section of F.O.L.D4: Kintsukuroi completed by Candace Odil

4th section of F.O.L.D4: Kintuskuroi completed by Eddie Saint-Jean